Summer Time

May 29

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We are so happy the sun is finally shining and we have a great new product that looks good in the sun!! Last summer Ted & I went to a small Nebraska town for a short visit with my cousin and her family. When we walked through her front door I was in awe of their beautiful brightly colored doormat. I. Was. Hooked. I couldn’t pass up the fun designs so we bought several and displayed them at home. For the last year I have been using my doormat, and I still love it just as much as the first day I bought them. The MatMates fit into a recycled rubber tray and you switch the design you want depending on your mood or the season. The rubber tray is very sturdy and stays put no matter who comes and goes. Ours has been dog tested and it doesn’t slide around when they come flying through our back door. I have also learned over the past year that the mats are also fade and mildew resistant and everyone who comes through my front door wants to know where they can get one. After explaining this story for an entire year I thought, why not just bring them in my store? The best things about these mats are how colorful and unique they are. There really is a design for any type of style preference you may have – holiday, summer, patriotic, and many more! Did we mention they also make a comfort tray to use indoors and help prevent your feet from getting sore. They work the same way as the outdoor ones, so the versatility is endless! We hope that you will come down to see them for yourself!